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Roof Access Hatches

Roof Access Hatches are the safer way to access the roof

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Alsynite One Roof Access Hatches fit on any roof, and are available in a variety of sizes in steel (insulated or uninsulated). These Roof Access Hatches are an affordable and safer alternative for any building requiring roof access.

Roof Access Hatches are a safe way to access your roof. Fitting on any roof, available in a variety of sizes in steel lids (insulated or uninsulated), acrylic or polycarbonate dome lids they are an affordable alternative to any building requiring roof access.



  • Made to suit any roof type
  • Available with steel lid, acrylic dome lid or polycarbonate dome lid
  • Insulated lid also available on steel lids


Standard Sizes

  • 820mm x 820mm
  • 820mm x 1120mm

Custom sizes may be available

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