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Hatches & Vents

Industrial Ventilators

Use renewable energy to power your Industrial Vent

Alsynite One Industrial Turbine Ventilators use renewable wind energy to create a positive flow through the ventilator. Even the ... Product Details

Green-Vent Solar

The Eco-Friendly vent that only runs when required

Green-Vent Solar has been specifically designed for New Zealand’s climate.

The Green-Vent Solar is a solar powered vent ... Product Details

Spinaway 300

Expel warm and damp air from your home with Spinaway

The Spinaway 300 is suitable for almost any residential building. Manufactured from quality aluminium, the Spinaway will expel hot ... Product Details

Sky Tunnel XL2

The ideal skylite for offices and residential applications

The Sky Tunnel is the ideal, energy saving solution to bring light into light commercial buildings or large residential ... Product Details

Lumino Tubular Skylight

Bring natural light into your home or office with a Lumino Tubular Skylight

The Lumino Tubular Skylight has a 300mm diameter acrylic dome and comes with everything you need for installation. It is ... Product Details

Roof Access Hatches

Roof Access Hatches are the safer way to access the roof

Alsynite One Roof Access Hatches fit on any roof, and are available in a variety of sizes in steel (insulated or uninsulated). These ... Product Details

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