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Multipurpose Fasteners

Your first choice Commercial Fastener!

Alsynite Multipurpose Fasteners are ideal and recommended for fixing Topglass GRP and Laserlite Polycarbonate profiled roofing into ... Product Details

OneShot® Fasteners

NZ's biggest selling profiled polycarbonate fastener

OneShot® fasteners cut an expansion hole in the sheet that ensures your Polycarbonate sheet is installed correctly, allowing for ... Product Details

Timber Fasteners

The fastener solution for timber purlins

Timber roofing fasteners are suitable for fixing polycabonate, fibreglass and pvc roofing.

Product Details

Foams & Tapes

Foams and Tapes to complete your project

Alsynite One supplies a wide range of Foams and Tapes to ensure your roofing material not only looks great but works exactly as you ... Product Details

Polycarbonate Flashings

Alsynite One offers a range of polycarbonate Apron flashings, Barge and Ridge Capping’s to compliment your polycarbonate roofing ... Product Details

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