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Industrial Polycarbonate

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Alsynite One Laserlite Industrial Polycarbonate is designed for warehouses and canopies where NZBC fire Group 1-S fire rating is applicable.

Industrial polycarbonate has been designed with very low melt and softening points, making it ideal for buildings where translucent sheeting may be required to melt out in the event of a fire. This effectively allows trapped smoke and gasses to be expelled from the building.


5 Rib, Superclad, Industrial 7, Multispan


Diffused Opal tint


Up to 11.5m


Alysnite One Laserlite Industrial Polycarbonate is also available in single skin or as a thermal barrier as a TwinSkin System where condensation and thermal resistance are a design consideration.

1.5mm thickness Multipsan sheeting should be considered where the spanning requirement is greater than 2m and not more than 2.4m.  End span and wall span capabilities can be further increased to 1.8mm respectively.

Laserlite industrial polycarbonate sheeting is manufactured from high-tech, high quality Bayer Makrolon® polycarbonate resin. This industrial grade polycarbonate combines remarkable clarity with incredible strength.

The added protection of a co-extruded UV protective barrier will ensure that Laserlite polycarbonate industrial sheeting will provide many years of natural lighting.

Laserlite industrial polycarbonate sheets are 250 times stronger than glass, exhibit exceptional resistance to numerous chemicals, impact, and it provides protection from 99.9% of harmful UV radiation.

Industrial Fire Retardant Polycarbonate Roofing

Alsynite One’s industrial polycarbonate Fire Retardant roofing product is specifically engineered to meet the New Zealand Building Code Group 1-S classification.

This polycarbonate grade is a profiled translucent roofing product that has been BRANZ tested and also meets the requirements of the NZBC verification method C/VM2 Appendix A.

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